Link Light 72w

Link Light 72w

Product Code: 80/0165-h

Our ATEX Worklights have been developed for extreme environments and are tough, durable and reliable. They are certified portable ATEX Worklights making them safe for use in confined spaces and hazardous areas. The even spread of light makes them ideal for almost any application. They can be quickly installed in a working area and can be used for longer term projects as well. They are certified for Zones 1 and 2 (gas) and 21 and 22 (Dust).

Intelligent safety

Model LL-540
Confined Spaces Yes
Offshore Platforms Yes
Oil Refineries Yes
Utilities Yes
Chemical Plants Yes
Aircraft Maintenance Yes
Terminals Yes
Remotes Work Areas Yes
Sewage Systems Yes
Illumination Pattern 360deg
Linkable Yes
Maximum Quantity of Worklights Powered by 110v 16A 15
Light Output Lumens 5800lm
Extension Leads 110v & 24v Yes
Ex Splitter Boxes 110v Yes
Ex Transformer Yes
IP Ratings IP67
ATEX Rating Ex II 2 G D EEx em II T3
Cable Length 5m
Portable Yes
Power Supply 110VAC
Product Comparison
Product Name Confined Spaces Offshore Platforms Oil Refineries Utilities Chemical Plants Aircraft Maintenance Terminals Remotes Work Areas Sewage Systems Illumination Pattern Linkable Maximum Quantity of Worklights Powered by 110v 16A Light Output Lumens Extension Leads 110v & 24v Ex Splitter Boxes 110v Ex Transformer IP Ratings ATEX Rating Cable Length Portable Power Supply Price
Link Light 120w Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 180deg Yes 10 10500lm Yes Yes Yes IP54 Ex II 2 G EEx em II T3 10m Yes 110v AC

Link Light 72w Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 360deg Yes 15 5800lm Yes Yes Yes IP67 Ex II 2 G D EEx em II T3 5m Yes 110VAC

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