Fan Heater - 2.8kw - 110v

Fan Heater - 2.8kw - 110v

Product Code: 20/0095-h

Elite 2.8kw 110v fan heater is a small but powerful unit with 3 control settings which can be utilising in summer and winter months as it can double as a fan or a heater.

Features and Benefits
  • Quiet running, all steel construction, ideal for temporary heating.
Weight 5kg
Model EHFH110
Voltage: V 110v
Dimensions 295mmx295mmx435mm
Heat Output 2.8kw (9,554 BTU)
Air Displacement 510 m/h
Product Comparison
Product Name Weight Height Width Voltage: V Heat Output Portable Transformer Length Dimensions Air Displacement Price
Convector Heater 2kw 3kg 130mm 610mm 240v 2kw (6,824 BTU) 3kw 420mm N/A N/A

Fan Heater - 2.8kw - 110v 5kg N/A N/A 110v 2.8kw (9,554 BTU) N/A N/A 295mmx295mmx435mm 510 m/h

Fan Heater - 2.8kw - 240v 5kg N/A N/A 240v 2.8kw (9,554 BTU) N/A N/A 295x295x435mm 510m/h

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